Gamla Stan, the Old Town, the small historic island in the middle of Stockholm, is rich in history and charm, filled with interesting old buildings, museums, churches, narrow streets, squares, shops and restaurants.


The Wooden Horse Museum is a very small, privately owned Museum housed in the same building as Runstenen crystal and craft shop. Admission is free. The shop and museum are located right next door to the Nobel Museum on the Great Square of the Old Town, just 50 meters from the Royal Church where Swedish Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel were married on June 19, 2010. The Royal Palace is approximately 100 meters away.

royal palace

The Wooden Horse Museum and Runstenen have been founded and operated by Bill and Chintana until May 9, 2017. The shop has been moved from its original location to the Great Square, rebuilt, reorganized and developed over the past decades. The shop was established by our dear friend and mentor, Madeleine Åberg, in 1982.


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After over 30 years in the business, it´s time to go on.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all customers, craftsmen and women, our guide colleagues, and our staff over the years, most of whom have become our friends and families.

We will always treasure your supports and your friendships for the rest of our lives.

The new owners are Semiha, Özgur and Isse.

Thank you very much,
Bill and Chintana
10th May 2017

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